Understanding The Torah

Understanding The Torah
Diligently Studied and Made Easy to Comprehend. For Those Jewish and Non-Jewish

Understanding The Torah is a documentary follow-up to Before the Sermon – Know the Truth Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.  Whether Jewish or Gentile, the best way to come to know GOD is to read and diligently study HIS WORD.  This book is an exact copy of The King James Version of The Torah with the inclusion of notes and commentaries attempting to explain and bring together the archaically written verses.  The Torah was given to the Jewish People to learn, obey, and ultimately share with all of GOD’s Creation.  Read it, learn it, OBEY it, and you will be BLESSED in this life as GOD’s GRACE has saved your soul in the next life! My in-depth study and writing of this book opened an opportunity for me to develop and grow a personal relationship where I got to know GOD, and more importantly, I believe GOD got to know me.  The key to writing this book was to come to know GOD, not just know about GOD.  To this end, I believe GOD wants the reader of HIS WORD to advance their knowledge base by asking questions to which answers are sought to the point of understanding; hence “diligently seeking him,” as stated in The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 11, Verse 6.    When you achieve an understanding of The Torah, you will see a clear picture of a very Purposeful GOD with specific reasons for everything HE says and does.  So, I decided to painstakingly study each verse in each chapter in each book of The Torah attempting to see GOD’s Purposes as the means of explaining GOD’s WORD; in essence, if HIS Purpose is clear then HIS WORD is clear.

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