Enemy Within

Enemy Within - Book Cover

A Washington Conspiracy

A Middle Eastern conspiracy to transform American thinking with the goal of changing the U.S. Government to an autocracy under the control of an American born U.S. President, orphaned soon after birth forty years earlier, and reared by a Saudi Arabian elitist.  The story includes the conspiratorial plans to alter the American thought process as a means of winning the party’s primary, and swaying the national vote for the Presidency of the United States.

The rival in this presidential election scheme is a two-term United States Senator about to be nominated to run for President, who happens to be Jewish.  Interviewed by a group of journalists, he is asked about his family history.  The Senator’s story transcends four generations to the Great Depression, beginning with two unrelated Jewish immigrant families that settled in separate, very tough ghettos in New York City; one on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and the other in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

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